Davines Italian Color Line

Mask Color

Creamy formula rich in conditioning agents and milk proteins that have a compacting binding and hydrating action on the hair’s cuticles while colouring. It perfectly covers white hair, it can be used as a tone on tone or semi-permanent and can lighten up to five levels if extralift are used.

Hydrolyzed milk proteins – intense conditioning and protecting action;
Vegetable lipids components – to compact the cuticles and enhance the shine;
CPS:Cream, Protection, Shine.This is the latest Mask colour formulation and is enriched with emollient components of vegetable origin.

Mask Powder Bleach
Rich in hydrolyzed milk proteins providing strong conditioning and protective ef-fect on the hair shalf. Thanks to the controlled and gradual bleaching process ex-cessively aggressive and harmful actions on the hair are avoided. The low volatility formulation favors a comfortable use of the product. It provides an even bleaching and does not damage the hair.

Activaton source: 7- 40 Volume

Oxididant cream that specifically produces an easy-to-apply mixture which doesn’t run during the processing time. It generates an increased penetration of colour into the hair and also increases staying power.
Finest Pigments
Gel formula, without ammonia, formulated with ingredients up to 95% of natural origin. Simple and fast to use, does not require an activator. Immediately colours hair. Intensifies the natural hair colour and emphasizes cosmetic hair colour. Tones highlights and can be used to camouflage white hair and obtains intense creative reflects on bleached hair. It represents the first approach to colour for natural hair.

Finest Pigment Glaze$20
Color Teaser(10 foils)$30
Base Touch$50
Platinum BlondeConsult
Color CorrectionConsult

Anti-Age Elixir

Specifically created to offer anti-age colouring for “mature”, coloured and bleached hair, can be also used as pre-shampoo treatment in case of particularly sensitized and destructured hair. It works by creating a protective film which is able to contrast the damaging effect caused by free radicals. Gives softness, hydration and shine.
Carotenoids – anti-age action;
Jojoba Oil – regenerate the scalp;
Omega 6 – anti-age and anti-oxidant action;

Color Barrier

Moisturizing Fluid to protect the hairline boundary and the ears from possible staining during the colour service’s application. Also facilitate the removal of col-our from the hands